We are thrilled to finalize the details of the FASTer Way VIP program and share the opportunity with you to elevate the FWTFL client experience. 

The FWTFL VIP will be unlike anything in the industry, providing quality education on all things wellness. Along with Amanda, our mentors are: 

  • Emily Field, RD

  • Ali Damron, Hormone Health Expert

  • Vivian Gill, Fitness Expert

Our VIP team mentors will be in the group daily to provide guidance and answer questions. 

Moving forward, you will send your clients to this main FWTFL VIP group. This is not simply Amanda’s VIP, Jenny’s VIP, Lindse’s VIP etc… it is the FASTer Way to Fat Loss® VIP Community. It will be powerful for your client to be part of the VIP community. The “network effect” in 2019 is key. And remember, this is a FABULOUS way to earn recurring passive revenue each and every month while giving your client the ultimate FASTer Way client experience!

Here are the steps to create an Affiliate Link through our new system, SamCart, and receive 50% commission:

  • Step 1: Click this link and create an account: https://fasterway.samcart.com/affiliates/signup
    If you ALREADY have a SamCart affiliate set up with FWTFL you will not need to set up a new account.

  • Step 2: Log in to your custom SamCart affiliate page: https://fasterway.samcart.com/affiliates/login

  • Step 3: Use a computer and in the middle of the page, under the Links section you will find several types of items for which you can receive referrals. Look under the heading of Affiliate Link for your unique code! This may be difficult to view on mobile so be sure to save your link on your notes for easy access on mobile. The link you need has several numbers and letters at the end so make sure you find the correct link (and a Copy button right beside it)!

  • Step 4: Share your unique Affiliate Link on your Facebook, IG profile, or by email! Click the Copy button besides the link you want to share and paste it. It might not look like it's copied but it really is. Again, make sure you are sharing the right link as mentioned above. This will ensure you receive the ongoing 50% commission each month for your clients you refer.

Note: The affiliate tracking is completely cookie based. The best option is to use hyperlinks, some link shortening apps will strip the affiliate token and then the customer will not be tagged with a cookie. If you really want to use a shortener, we recommend bitly. It has been tested for accuracy.

The FASTer Way VIP is a $99/mo value however you and your clients can exclusively use the coupon code 20OFFVIP for the founders pricing $79/mo. 

If you still want to be able to touch base with your clients, I would recommend you hopping in VIP as well and tell them they can tag you in the main VIP group. This is my plan to not only stay on top of cutting edge strategies learning from our experts but also to stay in touch with my clients. 

The team is thrilled to serve your clients and you in the following ways:

  • New workouts each week. These workouts will be more varied than the FASTer Way workouts, with experts coming in to add to our current foundation.

  • A monthly theme related to health and wellness. We will be diving deep into our monthly topics so you will be armed with the latest, most cutting edge health and wellness information.

  • More access to the team and experts for support, questions and guidance.

  • VIP discounts on upcoming events and products.

  • Provider discounts with our mentors.

  • Long term, daily accountability to help you continue to see progress toward your goals.

  • Live group trainings to keep you connected to mentors and other members.

  • Consistent community to push you forward, encourage you and keep you motivated.

We are also rolling out a small group option for VIP clients in November for those clients who want the more intimate support. Select client specialists will support these small groups daily including macro chart reviews. The small group is not a requirement - it is an added bonus to those who wish to be in the large group along with a small group. When a client registers for VIP they will have a form they complete if they want to be placed in a small group!

I will be posting a doc in here as well as the coach office with a sample email you can send to your clients about VIP! So be on the lookout for that in the next day or so.

Lastly, to those of you who are currently running your own VIP I would highly recommend transitioning them to the main FWTFL VIP so they can experience the community, support, and have direct access to the mentors (I am doing this myself and so are all of our top coaches in the community). If you choose to continue with your VIP, you will have access to the daily posts and portal as it is posted, however if you wish to share the trainings with your clients, you will need to record them on your own time and the post in your group. Moving forward we will not have these on Zoom or posting on YouTube. 

If you currently run a VIP and you are shutting your VIP group down to send to main group, please email Monica a list of your clients ASAP to cancel their current ongoing charges. Once confirmed they are canceled, THEN have you clients re-register with this affiliate link from samcart.

Our ultimate goal for our clients should be for their well being - and having them in the main VIP is best practice for our clients!

Thank you page after clients enroll in the official FASTer Way VIP Program.

Welcome email received after clients enroll in the official FASTer Way VIP Program.



If you have questions regarding the VIP Program, please email Jenny Mire, VIP Coordinator, at jenny@fasterwaytofatloss.com.

If your clients have questions, please have them email vip@fasterwaytofatloss.com.”

Email to clients re: VIP

+ Read the Email

Hey there!!

We are constantly working to improve your experience in the FASTer Way to Fat Loss®, especially in VIP! We want you to have access to the best, most up-to-date information in a simple, straightforward way.

That’s why we’ve made a few changes to how the VIP group works!

Instead of being in a group run solely by me, you now have the opportunity to join the main FWTFL VIP group! What does this mean for you? Additional support from like-minded women, expert mentors to answer all of your questions, plus all the same coaching, training and accountability you’re getting right now. This is an incredible resource, and I’m so excited to offer this option!!

With the main VIP group you’ll get everything you have now, plus:

  • 💪Access to our VIP mentors specializing in macros/diet, fitness/exercise, and hormone health
  • 💪More access to the FWTFL VIP Team for support, questions, and guidance
  • 💪VIP discounts on upcoming events
  • 💪Discounts on services and access to our private online store
  • 💪Live group calls to keep you connected to mentors and other members

It’s the VIP experience you know and love...only better!

To sign up for this opportunity at our special founding member price, click here . Receive $20 off the price FOREVER with the code 20OFFVIP!

I want you to have the best possible experience, and that’s exactly what you’ll get in the main VIP group. See you on the inside!


Coach Name, FASTer Way to Fat Loss® Certified Coach