QUICK SHEET for current rate:

Coach runs their own group

  • Provide client with your iDev link. Visit shop. Purchase VIP membership
  • Client will enter coupon code: VIP20 in order to get the discounted rate of $79/m.
  • COUPON CODE VALID: July 24-Aug 6

Coach adding clients to the Main VIP Membership (Amanda's group)

  • Provide client with their SamCart link for VIP.
  • NOTE: If you need a samcart link, email info@fasterwaytofatloss.com 
  • Client will enter coupon code: summervip20 in order to get the discounted rate of $79/m.
  • COUPON CODE VALID: July 24-Aug 6



COACHES looking to join Amanda's VIP group (which is highly recommended):


Here is the coupon code: 20OFFVIP 


**This code is ONLY for us coaches!! DO NOT SHARE THIS WITH YOUR CLIENTS**

In order to join VIP, you must sign up before the final day of the month. No one will be added mid month. 

SELLING YOUR VIP PROGRAM- Send clients to the shop using your idev link.

Direct your clients through your Standard Linking Code on iDev. Tell them to go to the Store, then choose FASTer Way To Fat Loss® VIP Membership. 

You will create a group for your clients and you get the portal content once you have registered for Amanda's FASTer Way to Fat Loss® VIP group. You must do this before the 1st of each month. You can then copy and paste the daily post from Amanda's VIP into your personal VIP community group. Your clients will be able to attend and watch the trainings and have access to the portal. 


Provide client with their SamCart link for VIP. NOTE: If you need a samcart link, email info@fasterwaytofatloss.com 


Q. How do I access the VIP Portal? 

Once YOU re enrolled in the VIP program with Amanda Tress, you will receive the monthly updated password and link. 

Q: When are clients billed for VIP?

Recurring monthly on the exact date they signed up.

Q: When are VIP clients added to the FB group?

On the 1st of the month.

Q: Is the $79 Founding Member price good for one month or is that a locked in monthly rate?

The discount is their locked in rate. They will pay $79 monthly.

Q: Can a client cancel at any time?

Yes. If they have paid for the month, they will be locked in for that month, (since they have portal access) and will be removed from the group the following month. We will not prorate any amount.

**We need to know BY THE the 20th of every month if your clients are going to cancel. The coach needs to get a list of cancellations and send it to info@fasterwaytofatloss.com so the membership can be cancelled. They cannot cancel for the month after the 1st.


Q: How often will a coupon code be released?

Quarterly. This needs to be kept within the coach community.

Q: Can clients who locked in at $99 switch to the $79 monthly fee when another coupon comes around?

Yes. They will need to contact Info@fasterwaytofatloss.com to cancel the $99/month subscription and they will need to sign up for the new rate.

Q: How many rounds does a client have to go through to be considered for VIP?

2 rounds

Q: What do they get in VIP?

New workouts each month, a monthly theme related to health and wellness, a monthly mentor, VIP discounts, long term / daily accountability, live group calls, consistent community of like minded women.

Q: How do I make sure my VIP clients get the same education and resources that Amanda’s VIP clients get?

You need to sign up for Amanda’s VIP. Then, you can copy and paste the daily posts and updates she shares into your VIP group. You will also share Amanda’s link to the live mentor training calls, so that they can benefit from the monthly mentor.

Q: How do I sign up to be in VIP?

You will also sign up via www.fasterwaytofatloss.com/membership

Q: What am I responsible for in VIP?

You will comment on your client’s daily macro posts and help coach them through their daily needs and questions. You will simply be sharing Amanda’s daily macro post, resources, & live training calls. You are expected to handle your VIP group as your own.

Q: Is there a template for VIP daily updates and macro posts?

No. You can copy and paste the daily VIP posts from Amanda’s group and use them as your own. Consider that your template.

Q: Can I send my clients through Amanda’s VIP?


Q: How much commission do I get if they go through Amanda?

50% commission monthly

Q: What link should I send them if I want them to go through Amanda’s membership?

**You need to have your affiliate account (samcart) set up and send them your unique affiliate link for VIP. It will send them to the above website to sign up. If you need an account, email info@fasterwaytofatloss.com.

Q: What link should I send them if I want to coach them in my VIP?

Use your Standard Linking Code. Direct them to the VIP Membership tab at the top.

Q: How much commission do I get if they are in my VIP?

  75% monthly

Q: Do I get commission monthly if they are in Amanda’s group and/or my VIP group?

Yes. This will be passive revenue for you no matter which VIP group they enroll in.

Q: What is the password for the VIP portal?

This changes monthly to keep the portal for current VIP clients only. The change is usually made on the 1st or 2nd of the month and will be apart of the daily macro thread.  You are responsible for keeping your current clients up to date with the current password.

Q: How are workouts released?

The workouts are added to the portal on a weekly basis, usually Saturday night or Sunday morning. You will not have access to them until they are uploaded. Be sure to refresh your page.

Q: Do I have access to the previous months workouts?

No. The last night of the month, all the the workouts are removed and Week 1 for the new month is added. If you want to save the workouts, you need to do so before they are removed. These workouts need to stay within the VIP community and not be shared with others.

Q: if the workouts are added weekly, how do I know what is the current week?

The weeks will always have a date next to them (week 1, week 2, etc…) to make sure you are using the correct week.

Q: What happens if the month ends mid week, where does that weeks work out go?

It becomes week 1.

Q: Can I share the training and other resources in my other FASTer Way groups?

No. The trainings and other valuable resources for VIP need to stay with VIP.

Q: Can a current client who wants to do VIP in the future but is only in their first round “lock in" the current promotion?

No. They can sign up for VIP after their second round and the next time the promotion becomes available, they can take advantage of it.

If they are in their second round and there is a week of overlap, that is okay, but they will still be charged for the entire month and it is not prorated.

Q: What if I want to send my clients to Amanda’s VIP right now, but then down the road want to run my own VIP? Will I be able to take my clients back after them being in Amanda’s group?

Yes! If you want to send clients through Amanda’s VIP now, you may do that and receive 50% commission. If, later on, you decide you’d like to run your own VIP group, you can give your clients the option of switching to your group or staying in Amanda’s group. If they switch to your group, you will receive 75% commission. In order to receive the commission, they will need to cancel membership by emailing info@fasterwaytofatloss.com and then will need to resign up for your VIP using your Standard Linking Code.

Q: Do men have a VIP group or can they join VIP?

The Men’s 6 week FWTFL is set up to be challenging and extensive. At this time we do not have a VIP for men and will not allow them into the women’s VIP group.

Q: If a woman is in the VIP group and her husband would like to do a 6 week FWTFL round, how much does he pay?

He will choose the Men’s Add-On at $99.

FACT: The VIP workouts coincide with one of the rounds that she is running. For example; if it is a tabata Monday, one of her rounds will also have tabata. If it is an AMRAP week for strength training, the VIP will also have AMRAP. **You don’t have to follow the same schedule so they coincide, but we have found it helpful when there are multiple rounds/groups going on to make it easier to remember!

Current Discounts:

Founding Member Discount (coaches use): 20OFFVIP