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FWTFL VIP Community




Ready to join the FASTer Way To Fat Loss® community? 

  • You have rocked the FASTer Way to Fat Loss® for at least two rounds and are wondering what’s next.

  • You are obsessed with the FASTer Way Lifestyle: the food cycle, the workouts, the community and your results.

  • You want to continue to see results, get leaner, stronger, and healthier, but don’t need to repeat the program again.

  • You want accountability, community, and support as you continue down the road to the healthiest, happiest version of you!

Well, friend...I have exactly what you are looking for in the FASTer Way to Fat Loss® VIP Membership! While 6 to 12 weeks is a phenomenal start to creating a long-term healthy lifestyle, research has shown that those who maintain their initial success continue to implement their new strategies for much longer than a few months!

This membership will take FASTer Way Veterans to new depths in their understanding of health and wellness related topics, while providing ongoing access to all of the things you love about the FASTer Way Lifestyle...including accountability!


Who is the VIP Membership for?

  • This membership is for FASTer Way to Fat Loss®. You must have gone through the program, at least twice, to become a VIP member.

  • This membership is for people who understand the basics of the FASTer Way lifestyle but who want to learn more about the “why” behind each component of the program.

  • This membership is for those who are interested in learning more about various health related topics that affect your fat loss, energy levels and overall quality of life.

  • This membership is for FASTer Way vets who want to continue the FASTer Way Lifestyle, while forming lifelong relationships with other women.

  • This membership is for those who want to continue seeing results in terms of both weight loss and overall health.



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  • New workouts each month. These workouts will be more varied than the FASTer Way workouts, with experts coming in to add to our current foundation.
  • A monthly theme related to health and wellness. We will be diving deep into our monthly topics so you will be armed with the latest, most cutting edge health and wellness information.

  • A monthly mentor who will provide education and support on the month’s theme.

  • More access to me for support, questions and guidance.

  • VIP discounts on upcoming events.

  • Provider discounts with our mentors.

  • Long term, daily accountability to help you continue to see progress toward your goals.

  • Live group calls to keep you connected to mentors, myself and other members.

  • Consistent community to push you forward, encourage you and keep you motivated.


For FASTer Way to Fat Loss® VIP community, the monthly cost will be $99 per month.