“Registration is OFFICIALLY OPEN for my next round of the FASTer Way to Fat Loss®! We are kicking things off on DATE and if you want in, you need to secure your spot today. This is the most effective fitness and nutrition program on the market and I can't wait to have you join! Click the link in my bio/or comments for more details!"

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I am so excited for Christy! Hear what she had to say about the FASTer Way!
”My son was about to turn 2 years old and I was struggling with my health. I had no energy, I hadn't lost all of my baby weight, I had low mood, and daily aches and pains. I had zero self-confidence. After just the first week on the FASTer Way to Fat Loss® wellness program I started to see changes in my health. After my first 6-week round I had lost all my baby weight, my energy was through the roof, my sleep was great and my skin was glowing, I had no more aches and pains, and my mood was better! I finally found my confidence again! This is my new lifestyle and I'll never go back!" - Christy

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Share a quick workout video or information on why we strategically pair workouts with nutrition OR what is included in the workout portion of the program (access to home, gym, and beginner!)

“Ladies - registration is officially OPEN for the FASTer Way with prep week starting Dec 31. And here’s the deal - we will sell out quickly. If you’re READY to transform your life once and for all, now is the time to commit. There’s no question the FASTer Way is the most effective virtual fitness and nutrition program on the market today - and I cannot wait to have you as part of our community!!! Let’s do this! (Link in profile).”

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Speak to the benefits of Intermittent Fasting with strong call to action for your next round.

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“Let's make September YOUR month!!! I have literally TENS OF THOUSANDS of FASTer Way to Fat Loss success stories to share ... but I want to share YOURS next month. Do not let anything hold you back from making September the healthiest month of your year thus far. YOU deserve to feel your best and look your best so you can be your best. Let's do this!!! Link in profile. We have nearly 500 ladies already signed up for my FASTer Way to Fat Loss starting Sept 17, and we WILL fill up.”


“FASTer Way ladies — What has been your biggest non scale victory so far this week? Here’s mine — I’ve avoided most of the Halloween candy sitting in my house in spite of a stressful week😜 I also feel both sore and STRONG this week ... feeling progress toward my goals. Post your NSV below so the FASTer Way family can rejoice with you. And if YOU haven’t signed up for the Nov 12 round of the FASTer Way yet - be sure to do so today before we are FULL. Holiday rounds are my FAV!!! Link in profile”

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Day 6: Weekend post

Screen Shot 2018-12-14 at 9.30.03 AM.png

“When I hope to lean out my midsection and burn fat, I focus on the following things at the beginning of the week — hitting my macro minimums on low carb macro days, sleep, gut health, and SPRINTS or HIIT. Notice I didn’t mention crunches, deficits, or long form cardio. Let’s keep the right priorities in mind on our journey to better health. Through the week, SPRINTS, an effective food cycle paired with strategic workouts, strength training, whole food nutrition, and rest is key to move the needle forward. If you’re not registered for the May 21 round of the FASTer Way to Fat Loss be certain to sign up today! Best wishes friends!!!”

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“It’s rest day for the FASTer Way family and I’ve been doing a LOT of relaxing. I broke my fast with an açaí bowl and some paleo meatloaf, and now enjoying this big salad. 👌🏻 Enough fuel, even on rest days, is so important for success!!!”