Setting up a Facebook group

The FASTer Way to Fat Loss® 6 Week online program is run through a CLOSED Facebook group. You will add your clients to a Facebook group and schedule the daily posts into this group for each day of the program. If your clients are not on Facebook, you may choose to email them the daily posts, and they will reply to the email with their Macros for the day.

Step 1: Go to a group you are currently in 

Step 2: Scroll down halfway and look on the RIGHT side for a button “Create a Group”

Step 3: Name the group (example: FWTFL 6 week online program) and assign an icon.

(You will need to add at least 1 person to the group in order to get it started. Feel free to add a member of our team if you are unsure of who to add).

Step 4: Edit the Group Settings. Make this group a CLOSED group



planning your faster way community group