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Get excited, The FASTer Way to Fat Loss® community is hosting a LIVE Information Event on Monday,  (DATE), and YOU are invited!  Learn what it means to be certified with the FWTFL and see how it can change YOUR life along with your clients’ lives.

The FASTer Way to Fat Loss® is more than a health and fitness program.  It’s a movement. It’s a community. It’s teaching people how to live a truly healthy lifestyle while allowing women to earn a significant income that’s changing their lives.  

At the FWTFL, we believe in generosity so much that it’s one of our core values!  Come and see how we implement generosity the FASTer Way so everybody wins. Join us Monday, (DATE)!  Tap the link in my bio to save your spot!



Mark your calendars, you do NOT want to miss the most exciting event of the yer!  The FASTer Way to Fat Loss® is opening up this exclusive certification program, and we’re kicking it off with a LIVE Information Event on Monday,  (DATE)!  

Because of insane interest, this certification only opens up a few times a year.  Don’t miss your chance to learn more. Join us at the event to hear from some of our community who are KILLING it in their businesses.  Even those that have recently become certified are on track to earn six figures in the first year!

Learn how the best program on the market is changing so much more than health.  Join us (DATE) for this exciting event. Tap the link in my bio to save your spot!



Don’t miss out, friends, this is your last chance to join our LIVE Certification Information Event on Monday!   Learn how to ROCK your fitness business and turn it into six figures in no time!

The FASTer Way to Fat Loss® has seen monumental growth in a completely saturated market for one simple reason...  IT WORKS. Women are finally seeing success after trying every other program, quick fix, challenge, diet and obsession out there, and they’re doing it with science-backed strategies… not pills, shakes, or wraps.

Learn what it takes to become certified!  You won’t just change your clients’ lives, you’ll change your own as well.  Tap the link in my bio to join us!



Have you been through the FASTer Way and loved it? Well, now it’s our turn to share a little more love with YOU. If you’re committed to the FASTER Way, can’t get enough of the lifestyle, and toyed with the idea of becoming certified, NOW is the time!

What do I mean by life-changing income? Read what Loren experienced:

“All of this has been possible because I took a chance on something. That something has turned into a six figure career for me in 10 short months. When I signed on with the FASTer Way To Fat Loss® certification, my initial goal was to make $50,000 in my first year so that I could step away from my two part-time jobs as a dental hygienist. Honestly, I thought that was a lofty goal & there was no way I’d ever be able to leave my job. I did that in ONE QUARTER... and I was able to walk away from my day job. UNBELIEVABLE. My next goal was $100,000 in my first year. DONE. Bring it ON 2019! Now you ask me to dream big and i’m going to dream BIGGER.

I wake up every day excited for the future, excited to go to work transforming lives, relieved that my family now has financial freedom that I NEVER thought possible.”

~ Loren Mattingly

Sound too good to be true? Well, we are 100% serious because we are passionate about helping women succeed in business. Especially when that business has the power to change so many lives through the best fitness program on the market! We give you all the training, branding assets, marketing materials, and online backend office--PLUS we take on the insurance and liability. It’s everything you need to run a hugely successful online business.

Space for this LIVE event is limited, so register now for this amazing opportunity!

Fitness Pros, this is for you!

We are beyond excited about our NEW opportunity for FASTer Way to Fat Loss® clients because we’ve made it even easier to do what you love, change lives, and make an incredible income!

If you’ve been on the fence about becoming certified with the FASTer Way, then now is the time to act! We’ll explain everything at our LIVE Special Information Event on  (DATE), but here’s what we can tell you right now.

We have a brand new backend system to make the registration process completely seamless for you. We will take on the liability and insurance so you have one less thing to worry about. We will provide you with all the branding assets and marketing materials you need. We’re handing you a business in a box!

But we aren’t just simplifying the process and making it even easier... we’re structuring the FASTer Way so you can earn even more money!

Here’s how it works! You will earn 75% commission on all of your sales (with an average of $200 per sale going directly to YOU). This is the HIGHEST in the industry (by far!). But it gets even better. For each client that you bring into the FASTer Way family, you will earn a $1,000 referral bonus PLUS once you have 5 on your team, you’ll earn 10% on all of THEIR sales! Are you already running numbers in your head? That’s right. HUGE potential!

Don’t wait! Space for this LIVE event is limited, so register now before we fill up!

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You love helping people change their lives, that’s one reason you’re a fitness pro. But how about changing YOUR life at the same time (not to mention your business)? Well, now you can! Our FASTer Way community is already killing it in their businesses, but now the potential to increase income has exploded and the feedback and excitement have been AMAZING!

Want to know how you can join the movement? Don’t miss our LIVE information event on  (DATE). I’ll explain everything you need to know about this life-changing opportunity and how you can be part of it. Tap the link in my bio for more information.

You grind every day to build your business, and I’m so inspired by your hard work and dedication! But do you ever feel a little burned out? Or maybe a little frustrated that your income doesn’t seem to match the level of work you put in?

Join me for a LIVE event on (DATE) where you’ll learn how to build a passive revenue stream WHILE you build your business! This is the absolute best time to become certified with the FASTer Way to Fat Loss® because we’re changing things up to make it easier for you to run your business and easier to make an incredible income! Register through the link in my bio...I don’t want you to miss out on this game-changing opportunity!

You love your fitness biz and you love helping people change their lives, but you don’t love the long hours or the limit on how much you can earn. But what if I told you that you can finally have a fitness income you love along with more freedom and flexibility? Would you jump on it because it’s exactly what you want? You’re not alone!

Learn more at our LIVE information event on  (DATE). We’ll share the incredible benefits and how you can earn passive income to supplement your fitness biz! Join us so you can earn the income of your dreams with the fitness business of your dreams! Tap the link in my bio to register for free!