Recruitment Policies

The following policies were created for any FASTer Way to Fat Loss® Affiliates (both Coaches and Influencers) who plans to recruit other affiliates, either for the Coach Certification program or for enrollment as an Influencer.

Please remember, any time you promote joining a FASTer Way Affiliate Program and you reference the potential to make income, you must disclose that earnings results may vary and it is dependent upon the individual’s performance.

Limitation on recruiting:

You may not financially incentivize any individual to become a FASTer Way Affiliate or Certified Coach.

You may not offer to pay for any portion of an individual’s Coach Certification fee.

You may not offer gifts or anything else of monetary value in exchange for an individual enrolling to become a FASTer Way affiliate or Coach Certification.

You may not claim that it is a turnkey system or business in a box that will sell itself.

You may not offer assistance in growing their customer base as an inducement to sign up.

What you should do during recruiting:

Be honest. Never make misleading or incorrect statements in an attempt to recruit someone to become a FASTer Way Affiliate.

Disclose that performance may vary based on the individual’s efforts. There is no guarantee that an individual who signs up for the Coach Certification Program will see a return on their investment.

Discuss the benefits of the FASTer Way program using truthful information provided by the FASTer Way.

Responsibility for Recruitment Statements:

You are responsible for all statements you make when trying to recruit others to join the FASTer Way Affiliate programs, if such statements are not specifically provided by the FASTer Way. This includes all statements online, in writing, or in person.

You agree to indemnify and hold Tress Marketing Solutions, LLC harmless from any and all liability incurred by Tress Marketing Solutions, LLC as a result of any unauthorized representations or actions by you.

Example: “Disclaimer: Income results will vary from person to person, depending upon the skill and effort of each individual.”