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NOTE: If you would like to participate in the next Certification Information Event, please fill out the form below

We’re excited to announce our next Certification Information Event on February 18th!
This is your chance to bring your star clients to the table, so they can hear firsthand what the certification involves, and what it means to join our community. If they think this is the right fit for them, they can apply to the certification program.

Here’s what you need to know to make the most of this event:  

Who can attend?
Anyone can attend who would like to learn about the FASTer Way to Fat Loss® Certification. There is no commitment made by attending this Facebook Event. However, in order to have an interview, they must have completed at least one round of the 6-week program. This means all clients who started a round Dec. 31, 2018/ Jan. 7, 2019 (or prior) are eligible. Clients who started after Jan. 8, 2019 will be eligible for recruitment events later in the year (we’ll keep you posted).

The Waitlist is the Way In

All clients must sign up on the event waitlist in order to learn details and receive updates. The waitlist group will be invited to the live event and receive emails about the certification—testimonials, event details, interview link, etc.
Important Notes:
- There is no alternative way into the FWTFL certification - so make sure your star clients sign up!
- We are unable to check if your clients/friends have signed up, please ask them directly.
- The event will be live, starting at 8 am EDT. For those who cannot take time away from work, we advise listening in as the event will mostly be audio/videos to watch. For those in other time zones, the event videos will remain on the event page so they can watch replays.

Copy this link for the Waiting List:

Preparing to share the certification event

This will be outlined more fully in the recruitment guidelines, please review.

Please remember:

  • Never guarantee income.

  • Never guarantee ROI on investment in the Certification

  • Personal examples are permissible, as long as they state that results may vary

Example: In my first year being certified with the FASTer Way to Fat Loss®, I made enough money to quit my full-time teaching job. For me, it was an incredible investment and I’m so proud to work with Amanda and her team. Of course, how much you make will be based on your performance, but if you think you’d be the right fit as a coach, contact me at ...

Is this a chance for me to become a Premier?
Yes! If you have five or more clients successfully complete interviews, make their payments and agree to the terms + conditions, then once they are all certified you would be considered  Premier. Note my team cannot answer questions about how close you are to Premier or the status of individuals. We recommend that if one of your goals is to reach Premier during this recruitment, that you bring more than 5 clients to the Live Event. Note that we are looking for TOP individuals and we don’t accept everyone who applies. We welcome you to blow us away with how many amazing clients you can bring to this event.

Jan 15 - Feb 18 (Time to spread the word)

Start reaching out to clients you feel would be the perfect fit for the certification.

Share the information on social media 2-3 times per week (your experience, income, opportunities, things you've enjoyed, goals you've reached, lives changed, etc.).
Make contact with your star clients to make sure they are signing up on the waitlist.
(Please note my team are unable confirm whether an individual has signed up or not)
Share this link as much as you can -

February 15 - 17 (Weekend prior to Event)

The weekend before the event, clients will be accepted into the event Facebook group. All who hope to interview for the certification must attend this event.

February 18 (Day of Event)

We will start the event at 8 am EST with an introduction.

From 9 am–5 pm, community and team videos will be shared.

The interview link will be given out in the early afternoon.  
Be sure to tell your clients that spots fill up fast, so if they’re serious about the certification, don’t wait to schedule an interview or they may miss out!
Also make sure your client(s) list YOUR NAME any time they’re asked who their coach is.

February 19 - 27 (Interviews Held)

Certification interviews will be conducted during these days. Results will be sent out within 10 business days of the interview. Please do not email my team to ask about your client(s) interview or status. All interviewees will receive either an acceptance or decline and will be given a set amount of time to make their first payment.

What do Prospects do after February 28

After accepted prospects make their first payment & agree to the terms and conditions of the certification, they will have immediate access to the curriculum.
They need to complete the curriculum then will request access to the exam (typically issued within 1-2 business days of request).

Once they pass the exam, they will be issued a certificate and logo (typically within 1-2 business days of passing), they will be invited to the community, and should promptly create their iDev link, and then plan to kick off their first round.
(Note: They can begin advertising their rounds, but cannot actually run a round until they have been issued an idev link. They can run a round if they are certified, even if they are on a payment plan)

What do you do after February 28
Please note my team cannot update you about the specific status of clients you encouraged to sign up on the Waitlist. You should keep in contact with them and offer encouragement and support. Please do not rush them. Simply assure them they CAN do this.

Once your client actually becomes certified, you will receive an email advising you that you have a new Team member. We only issue confirmation once they are certified. You will be considered a Team Leader and will receive recommended next steps to take to support your team.

So what now?

Start sharing TODAY about the upcoming event on February 18th, and invite your TOP clients to this life-changing event! You know the power of the program, the power of the certification, and the power of our amazing community!


Amanda Tress