You have passed the exam, and created your coach account, what’s next?

Now is the time to ANNOUNCE YOUR PARTNERSHIP with the FASTer Way to Fat Loss®!

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Get ready to launch your first round

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STEP 1: Decide on a reasonable start date for your program 

Give yourself at least 2-4 weeks to market your program using the timeline below.  Depending on how many followers/seriously interested contacts you have, you may need more time.

STEP 2: Start marketing your program  

I have outlined a marketing timeline for you to follow when announcing and launching your FASTer Way to Fat Loss® rounds. If you have a shorter time frame in which you need to launch your round(s), you can condense this into a shorter period of 2-3 weeks. However if this is your first round, you may want to allow yourself more time to secure your first clients.

WEEK 1 ANNOUNCE that registration is open

  • Post the announcement in a written post on Facebook and Instagram AND do a live video on Facebook
    (post your coach link in the comments or description of the video or in Linktree)

  • Post DAILY on social media to share VALUE content that is related to the program (e.g. the benefits of carb cycling, IF, etc.)

  • Conduct individual outreach to those that would be a good fit for the program - don’t be afraid of face-to-face recruiting, the personal touch matters!

  • Share your lead magnet (if applicable)

WEEK 2 RE-ANNOUNCE Registration is open

  • Continue individual outreach

  • Share approved FWTFL testimonials on social media every day

  • Do live Facebook video 3-5 times this week sharing details on your program launch, talk to your “ideal client”

  • Tease the program each day in your posts (“Today FWTFL community are on low carb day! We are focusing on eating protein today and doing HIIT workouts! One of my favorite sources of protein is ......) Add in a strong call to action for your followers to register NOW before spaces are taken.

WEEK 3 FINAL CALL - ALL WEEK - for your program
(Trust me - most people will register on the last day and or final hours of your promotions so do not skip these!)

  • Final call ALL WEEK with strong call to action on each post : FB, LIVE, Stories, IG : INCLUDE A SENSE OF URGENCY

  • Daily approved testimonials and your own story & passion on social media

  • Live video 3-5 times this week sharing value with a STRONG call to action

  • Circle back with those that have showed interest - make sure they know you want them in THIS round

  • Send welcome email to customers that have registered with necessary information

WEEK 4 Prep week Launch for FWTFL

  • Final promotions for your round Monday - Wednesday

    • Include a sense of urgency- “I opened up 3 more spots!” “Still time to join, I have 2 spots left!”