Content creation is incredibly important for your business. Content is king, and creating marketing content is one of the best ways to bring new leads to your business in today’s economy. Remember, your goal is to share content that is VALUABLE to your ideal client. You want your content to be so valuable that she would be willing to pay to follow you on social media or read your blog.

Here are some questions to ask yourself, to help you generate ideas for your content:

  • What are my ideal client’s pain points? What is she struggling with? How can I help her take the first step toward solving those problems?

  • Where is my ideal client at now (mentally) and where does she need to be in order to invest in my program, product, or service? How can I bridge the gap between those places?

  • What are the common objections I get when people don’t want to invest in my business? How can I help my ideal client overcome those objections?

  • What does my ideal client need to know or learn in order to want to invest in my program?

  • What questions do I get asked all the time? What do my followers ask to hear more about?

  • What topics, that I talk about, get the most likes or shares? How can I provide value to my audience by teaching them more about those topics?

It might be tough to answer some of these. You might have to poll some of the ladies in your warm market or your followers to find good answers to these questions. But, when you really nail down the answers to these questions, you’ll have a content goldmine.

The answers to these questions should naturally lead to content ideas. For example, if you know that your client is struggling to eat healthy because she’s very busy, you could give her some recipes for quick meals, or you could teach her a fast way to plan out her meals. If you offer a meal planning service, you may need to convince her that your service is worth paying for. Think through how you could turn your answers into valuable content that will really help your ideal client.


Once you have determined your ideal client, it is time to create the content you will use to attract her. You want her to feel that you are “speaking to her directly“ each time you post on social media or your blog.

When you start to plan out your content, it is important to provide value on a regular basis to grow a strong relationship with your audience. Posting on social media 2-3 times per day is best. Share recipes, daily updates on a current program, client testimonials, and real life moments that she can relate to. We suggest pairing every post with a great photo.


If you have a link to add to your posts on social media, you should place the link in the comments of your Facebook post OR in your bio section on your Instagram page. 


It is extremely valuable to post at least 2 lead generating posts per week. Even if you don't necessarily receive leads (prospective sales) or engagement (likes/shares) every time, your followers WILL remember that you're consistent, and you promote a specific program. Recently I had two people ask me if they could purchase something via my site. I had never prospected them before, nor had they ever left their email address on an lead generator, but they were used to seeing my lead generators (it's all about recency and frequency).

Remember, lead generators do not have to be directly promoting your FASTer Way program. They can be info about subscribing to your mailing list, or promoting your latest blog content. Posting regular lead generators for your ESO will help you build your email list, which is prime real estate in the marketing world, so post those often.



To help keep yourself on track, you may want to create a content calendar. A content calendar is basically a calendar (physical or digital) or spreadsheet where you keep track of what you want to post, when and where (blog, social media).

You can get a template for your content calendar HERE.



Take the time to plan out your content each month. When you have your content calendar, it’s easier to remember to post consistently. And, you’ll save time not having to think about what to post each day. You’ll also see at a glance how your content is (or is not) addressing the pain points of your ideal client.


Are you struggling with feeling spammy when you post about your products or services, or when you start selling? The key to non-spammy selling is to consistently provide AUTHENTICITY and VALUE! If you are 100% focused on your ideal client and how you can help her, encourage her, and genuinely care about her struggles without judgment, you’ll never be spammy. When you are sincerely passionate about your client and her needs, it’s not about you making money, which is what spammy selling is.

With every post or email you write, ask yourself, “What value am I providing?” (Remember that sharing peeks into your life and sharing your story is valuable, too! Knowing who you are will help your ideal client know, like, and trust you.) When you are completely focused on how you can provide value to your followers, you’ll never sound spammy.