Facebook for business can be very tricky. In recent years, Facebook has changed its algorithm and business posts are showing up in people’s news feeds less and less. So, how do you make sure that your content gets seen on Facebook?


There are two basic ways to post on Facebook: personal profiles and business pages. Unfortunately, they’ve tweaked their news feed algorithm and many posts on business pages aren’t showing up anymore unless you pay to boost them. Live video does tend to show up more frequently in news feeds without having to pay. But, overall, it’s tougher to get people to see your posts when you’re posting to your business page instead of your personal profile. You do get a few perks with a business page (more on that later), and you’ll need one to run Facebook ads.

So why doesn’t everyone just use their personal profiles for their business? It’s technically against the Facebook Terms of Service to sell on your personal Facebook page. So, although you’ll see many of your friends selling on their personal profiles, and you may even do it, too, (I definitely do!) know that you are running the risk that you could have your account shut down.


How do you know when to post? Just like with Instagram, it comes down to knowing what works for your niche market. If you have a business page with at least 30 followers, you also have an additional tool you can use. Look at the “Posts” section under “Insights” and you’ll find a graph of when the people who like your page are on Facebook. Simply post your most important content (usually lead generators) at the peak times when the most people are on Facebook.



Live video is currently one of the best ways to authentically connect with new customers, clients, or team members. Your viewers get to hear your voice and see your face, which helps them build a relationship with you much faster than on any other type of social media. A new follower can start to know, like, and trust you enough to invest in your business in just a few videos, sometimes even just one.

It’s natural to be nervous on live video when you’re just getting started. The biggest things that will help you overcome that nervousness are being prepared and practice. You should plan out what you’re going to say on your live videos. I’ll usually think of three points I’d like to cover, five at most. For example, if I wanted to talk about my top tips for intermittent fasting, three points I could cover would be 1) meal planning, 2) drinking water to stay full while fasting, and 3) how to add in workouts for even better results.

Here’s an outline to follow:

  • Welcome/thanks for watching
  • Elevator pitch or introduction
  • Start sharing your tips or topic
  • CTA - sign up for a lead magnet, click the link to register for my program, etc.
  • Ask viewers to share with their friends

We prefer to go live on my personal FB page and then share the video to my business page. Your friends get a notification when you go live so they can watch. You can also go live from your business page if you prefer. Try to go live at least once a week, ideally several days a week. It really will elevate your online business!

More information you can reference in your workbook:

ACTION ITEMS: do a Facebook Live video and share the video with us so we can watch and support each other. Feel free to comment to let us know when and where you’ll be broadcasting so we can try to catch you live! I will choose a winner for the gift card tomorrow morning!