FASTer Way to Fat Loss® Coach-Hosted Event

Thank you for inquiring about hosting an in-person event or attending an event using the FASTer Way to Fat Loss® name and brand. While the program is virtual, we realize that sometimes an in-person event can have that personal touch that clients appreciate.

1. Your event + FWTFL core values

Before you begin planning an event or considering attending an event using the FASTer Way to Fat Loss® name or brand, you should be able to explain how the event is relevant. You should be able to answer the following questions:

  • Which core values of FWTFL are represented in the context of this event?

  • How will you demonstrate each of the core values “Integrity, Excellence, Generosity, and Bold Action” during the event?

  • Who is your ideal client and will he/she truly attend this event?

  • What is your definition of success for this event?

  • Where is the event taking place, and does that location appropriately represent the core values and mission of FWTFL?


2. Your event + FWTFL brand 

When you choose to represent the FASTer Way to Fat Loss® you will be acting as an agent of the brand. You must be well versed in the branding guidelines, have attended online trainings about use of the brand, and be confident that you are not misusing the brand in any way.

Remember, you represent the a  FASTer Way to Fat Loss® brand as a Certified Coach, specially trained to provide guidance in the strategies of intermittent fasting and carb cycling.


3. Your event + Legal things to know

During the planning stages, it is advised that you research what laws, bi-laws, and permits may impact your event. Some things to consider:  

  • You may be required to have a specific type of certificate and insurance if you plan to lead a workout.

  • You may be also be liable for any people you invite to talk or to lead workouts.

  • You may need special permits in the location you are hoping to use.

  • You may have to have specific permission forms from a local mayor or alderman.


It is solely your responsibility to research the requirements involved in hosting an event whether it is in your home, a park, at a business/school, or any public area.

If you host an event using the FASTer Way to Fat Loss® brand or name, and any issues arise from not having the appropriate permits or legal requirements, you remain solely liable for any fines incurred. Further Tress Marketing Solutions retains the right in such circumstances to review its contract with you and pursue contract termination if the brand is at risk of negative PR or legal concerns.

Important Note : The liability coverage from FASTer Way to Fat Loss® does not extend to an in-person event. You will need to determine what liability protections you need for the type of event you are attending and purchase this at your own expense.


4. Your event + FWTFL assets/products

Please remember that you are not permitted to create assets or products using the FASTer Way to Fat Loss® name or logo. This includes banners, flyers, t-shirts, mugs, business cards, badges, pens, recipes, meal plans etc.

If you desire to have products available at your event, they can be purchased at the FASTer Way to Fat Loss® online store. There is no additional discount for such products. You can print the FWTFL flyer that is found in the back office and event assets will be provided once you complete the event request form. 

If the event you are attending has specific requirements, such as requiring you have a sign for a booth, you can email but should provide a minimum of 60 days notice for this to be considered and created.

Any questions: please email