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+ If we already have a domain purchased and a business name can we use that or do we need a separate website/ business name?

You may use your current business name and URL. The FWTFL program can simply be one leg of your business. You can brand yourself, then use the FASTer Way To Fat Loss logos, content, and design elements you receive once certified on your site to promote the program

+ Do I need a logo for my FASTer Way To Fat Loss Program?

No. The FWTFL program is completely branded for your use. You may not alter or use the logo and branded items provided.

+ If we don't have a webpage just yet and we want to get started with coaching clients online ASAP, how do we invoice clients?

You may use Paypal to invoice them.

+ Do we need to get liability insurance before we start the online coaching?

No. Tress Marketing Solutions will cover the cost of liability insurance.

+ I have liability insurance for my Personal training/Pilates business. Do I need a separate insurance for this?

Generally no, although you may want to contact your insurer to make sure this is the case. Some insurance companies have different rules for in-persona and online programs.

+ Am I allowed to create a FB page for my referral girls and interested girls to join?

Yes! This is an easy way to promote and answer any questions people may have.

+ What should I name my Facebook affiliate community?

“NAME Affiliate Partners - FASTer Way to Fat Loss/FWTFL”

+ Is it required to be certified as a Personal Trainer to do FWTFL?

No, this is not a requirement.

+ Can I use Amanda Tress’ testimonials or images?

No, you can create similar images though. It is best to build your own testimonials as you run your groups! This will develop credibility for you as a coach!

+ When will I receive all of the coaching materials?

Once you have completed the exam, email and you will receive access to the coaching materials.

+ Can ladies going through our bootcamps take the certification?

Yes, once they complete a full round of the FASTer Way to Fat Loss.

+ If my bootcamp participants join the certification will I receive a referral commission?

Yes, you will receive a $1,000 referral fee. Once you have brought 5 coaches into the FASTer Way, you will begin receiving 10% of all your coaches' commissions.

If you have received a referral fee for these women, you will need to return that fee or inform them that they will need to stick with Amanda’s bootcamp for the current round.

+ I need a website, sales page, and a lead magnet designed, who do I email for these services?

The takes care of your website and sales page needs. For a designed lead magnet, you may email and we can absolutely help design a lead magnet!

+ Can we make the logo smaller/bigger as long as we don’t change it?

Yes, you can resize the logo.

+ Are we required to give a $100 referral fee when we find affiliates for our own program, or can we change the value of the referral fee?

You may change the referral fee! You may choose how much or how little you want to give your affiliates to encourage them to refer new clients.

+ What should I do if a client doesn’t have Facebook?

We have them focus on using email to communicate. We ask them to email in their daily macros, and we will email them if any important information comes up that’s in the Facebook group.

+ How often do the workouts change?

For the primary FASTer Way to Fat Loss program, workouts are switched up every quarter. The password to the portal will also change every quarter. FASTer Way VIP Members get updated workouts every month.

+ Will my clients have access to the portal after their 6 week program is up?

Depending on when they sign up, they may still have access. However, you should strongly encourage them to either sign up for another round of the FASTer Way or sign up for the FASTer Way VIP program. Both of these options will allow you to make more money!

+ What’s the deal with the FASTer Way VIP Membership?

The FASTer Way VIP Membership is for ladies who have already participated in at least one round of the FASTer Way to Fat Loss. For just $99 per month, they get access to new workouts each month plus additional training to help them get even more out of the program. Remember, you make 50% commission on anyone you refer to the FASTer Way VIP Membership! Your clients can sign up for the FASTer Way VIP Membership here.

+ Can I add additional workouts to the FASTer Way program?

No. All FASTer Way clients should have access to the same core workouts and assets. Please do not add any additional fitness classes or workouts to your FASTer Way Program.