Q: "Can I run my own 1 on 1, in person, or group training sessions using the FASTer Way To Fat Loss?

A: You are welcome to offer clients 1:1 services or group classes of your own programming but it cannot be the FASTer Way To Fat Loss® workouts, cycle, or programming. The 6 week online program must be run the same by all coaches in an online community. I would suggest training them outside the FWTFL program.

Q: " I am recruiting for my first round I’ve had someone really interested but is worried about the cost. What do I do?" 

A: You may be prospecting the wrong clients. Seek to work with people who understand the VALUE of preventative healthcare. We get zero price objections because Amanda is strategic about who she attracts. Ladies who are already motivated to be healthy and understand the reason to invest in health. $199 is a steal for a lifestyle transformation. Focus on sharing the the value they will receive over 6 weeks.