The following PAGES outline the check out process YOUR CLIENTS WILL SEE once they click “REGISTER”

  1. Client selects the REGISTER NOW button or the returning client button.

  2. Check out page appears (see image).

  3. Client enters in their information, coach name, method of payment, and then checks the box stating they agree to the Terms & Conditions.

  4. Once they select REGISTER, they will be taken to the UPSELL items.
    These items include the Men's program and cookbooks.

Once they register, the client will receive emails confirming their purchase and welcoming them to the program. *After your idev link has been used, it will take around 24 hours to process. You will receive an email that there is a pending sale and another when the sale has been posted to your account.

Please review the details below to answer any questions your clients may have.

Receipt with cookbooks




Click below to view the emails your clients will receive


IMPORTANT: EACH purchase will be approved in YOUR iDev ACCOUNT within 24 hours. 

Once the purchase is approved, you will be able to export the client information from iDev, so you can send an email to each client welcoming them to the program and providing them with prep week information.

Welcome your clients

  1. Copy your client information from iDEV.

  2. Send a welcome email from Gmail or MailChimp

This is a SAMPLE welcome email you may use to follow up before starting prep week.
(NOTE - It is up to you to ensure the emails you send comply with current processes and information. You should read through the rest of this site before saving this email for use)

**If you have clients sign up for your program well in advance of your start date, we recommend emailing your clients each week providing tips and information that will help them prepare for prep week. You may want to research “Starter Kit” in the Coach Facebook Community.