When you share your iDev link with a potential client, they will click on the link to checkout on the FASTer Way To Fat Loss Coach website.

The following outlines the check out process once they click REGISTER.

  1. Client selects the REGISTER NOW button or returning client button. 
  2. Check out page appears (see image).
  3. Client enters in their information, method of payment and checks the box stating they agree to the Terms & Conditions.
  4. Once they select REGISTER, they will be taken to the UPSELL Items. These items include the Men's program and cookbooks. 

Once they register, the client will receive emails confirming their purchase and welcoming them to the program. An example of the emails are listed below:

Sam Cart Receipt




Follow up emails will them be automatically sent: 





In the iDEV platform the purchase will be approved by our team within 24 hours. 

Once the purchase is approved you will be able to export the client information so you can send a welcome email to the client welcoming them to the program and providing them with prep week information.

This is an EXAMPLE welcome email you may use to follow up before starting prep week. Feel free to use your personal email to send this email.

**The prep week details you see in the email example below are available when you click to the next step. 

Hey _______

Welcome to the FASTer Way to Fat Loss bootcamp! I am THRILLED to have you! Tomorrow we begin PREP WEEK! This entire week I will be focused on making sure you understand everything! Attached below is everything you need to get started prepping and learning this week before we launch day ONE on >>>>>>INSERT OFFICIAL DAY ONE DATE<<<<<<< . This first week we will be in prep and learning and testing out this plan. Feel free to practice your macros as well as give some of the workouts a try!

  1. The first step is to add me as a friend on facebook (INSERT YOUR FB URL HERE if applicable)
  2. Next, please request access to our private FB group. This is where I will be posting daily, reviewing your macros each evening as well as holding you accountable. Here is the link to the private Facebook group - be sure to click this link ASAP and join (add yourself) to the group! >>>>>>INSERT FB LINK<<<<<<<
  3. Bookmark this webpage on your phone and computer >>>>> INSERT Portal link and password <<<<<< This is the private portal for our program. It has the comprehensive guide, all the workouts and a sample meal plan! Please do not share this link with anyone. Remember the purchase of this program, you agreed to the terms and conditions of this copyrighted material.
  4. Read thru all documents in the portal THOROUGHLY. You will need to reference all of this info throughout the entire program
  5. Watch the FASTer Way to Fat Loss info video here → >>>> (I have a private video for my clients welcoming them and explaining the program) <<<<<
  6. Next, if this is your first time working with me, please head over to my New Client Assessment form and complete asap. → >>>>> INSERT New Client Assessment google link <<<<<<
  7. Lastly, save the date on >>INSERT Date<< for a live Q&A with me. Please be sure to be there and bring your questions. These typically last about a half hour, so please try to plan your lunch break (if you work) accordingly! To prep for this, please download the app on your phone, tablet, or computer (with video capability). I will be posting the link for the call the day prior!

Here are the requirements in joining this bootcamp:

  1. Check in EVERY DAY via Facebook-- I will NOT be tagging people in my daily posts... so check this page daily
  2. Track food on My Fitness Pal every day (see video on how to do this)
  3. Follow the program and the calories/macros every single day
  4. Post a screenshot of your macro breakdown and nutrient breakdown to the page every single day
  5. Please post ALL questions to the group page and not messenger
  6. Follow the approved foods list
  7. Follow the scheduled workout for each day and post when you’re done
  8. Do your best to try and stay dairy free, gluten free, limited alcohol
  9. Absolutely NO weighing yourself

Please understand that the 6 weeks (7 including prep) will be tough... mentally and physically, but I know you CAN do this! I am so excited for the next 6 weeks together. Congrats on the commitment to better your health this year!