If you served as an affiliate for a coach prior to becoming a coach, you may make arrangements to “buy back” the men and women you referred to the program. If you would like to buy back a client, you will need to contact the coach you participated in the FASTer Way to Fat Loss® with and make arrangements for this (info@fasterwaytofatloss.com if it was through a corporate round with Amanda Tress).

It is not required for your coach to allow you to buy back a client.

You may only buy back clients you personally referred to the program and received an affiliate payout for.  If the client is already in the VIP program, they are cannot be bought back.


The client you are wanting to buy back must sign up for your round as a returning client FIRST, then once payment has processed contact your lead coach to buy this client back.


As a community we value loyalty and clients may not switch from coach to coach. Clients must stay with the coach they paid when they signed up for the FASTer Way to Fat Los®s. The only time this is allowed is if a buy back has occurred.

“Poaching” or reaching out to another coach’s clients in hopes they will join your FASTer Way to Fat Loss® group will not be tolerated.