You may offer an affiliate program to your current and future FASTer Way To Fat Loss® participants.

The affiliate program will run through the iDev platform and it is up to YOU to determine the AMOUNT and PAYOUT for your affiliates. 


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Affiliate community

SAMPLE Affiliate Email


We suggest having a closed Facebook community for you to encourage and educate your affiliates.

Paypal is recommended for Affiliate payouts. PayPal will provide them tax details and it is up to the affiliate to claim this income on their taxes. 

Here are a few strategies we have found work best:


Step 1: Send an email or use a feedback form inviting them to be an affiliate

Step 2: Send them a welcome email that includes:

  • Their affiliate link for them to use to promote the program

  • Link to the affiliate community on Facebook (create a closed group)

  • Provide them with tips for being a successful affiliate partner.


Start posting in the Affiliate group with similar posts:

2-3 WEEKS BEFORE PROGRAM LAUNCH: Announce the launch date in the group

Good Morning!

As we roll into the next round of the ___________program, I wanted to share a few updates with you!

Launch week will begin ___________. As you know, this is when we cover ____________,________, and ____________. I will be working to promote the program starting on _____________ and sharing this program right up until registration closes on __________. This is going to be an amazing launch and we are going to change lives together!

Let me know if you have any questions!

WEEK BEFORE PROGRAM LAUNCH: Share about the program and Affiliate incentives ($$,gifts, etc)

INCENTIVES: Provide information that encourages affiliates to share your programs. What is a motivating factor for them?

REGISTRATION OPEN POST: Share the excitement over registration being open!

Ladies!!! Registration is officially OPEN for the {INSERT MONTH}_________Program!!! Your page links have been updated to reflect this registration date. If you see that your affiliate page does not have updated dates, please let me know ASAP and we will fix it!!!

INCENTIVE FOLLOW UP: Share how many spots are left in the program, how they can earn an extra gift card, or prize for promoting this week

Ladies!!! We have less than _____ slots left for the group on Monday!!! Yesterday’s gift card incentive was so fun that I decided to extend it to today!!! Refer anyone to the program who PAYS today and I will give you with a Target or Starbucks gift card in addition to the $____referral!

THANK YOU DURING PROGRAM LAUNCH: Thank your affiliates and make them feel part of the team. Share your vision with them and reach out to people who are rocking it to show your thanks and support!

FINAL PUSH: Share about registration spots and additional ways to finish out registrations (live video interviews, testimonials, etc)

END OF PROGRAM LAUNCH: Provide an update on the final numbers and how many people are going to be impacted by this program. Thank affiliates for their continued support and effort.

LADIES!!!!!!! WE DID IT!!!!!!!!!! We hit our goal of transforming_______lives this month through the _____________program!!!!!!!!
THANK YOU for partnering with me and spreading the word. I absolutely could not have accomplished my dream of transforming ________ lives without you!!!!!

REGISTRATION FULL + NEXT ROUND: Provide information regarding the next launch date and details.

Additional posts:

  • Ask for feedback on new projects/programs
  • Keep them in the loop of current ways they can invest in your business
  • Provide a leaderboard to keep people motivated during the launch


Additional trainingS: 

Affiliate Programs

It’s much easier to keep existing clients than it is to find new clients. So, smart business owners will have a plan to keep their existing clients happy and invested in their business. Ask yourself: once my client makes an initial purchase, how can I make sure she keeps investing?

How can you make it easier for her to stick around and do another round of the FASTer Way?

I offer existing customers a discount when they sign on again. I offer my existing clients a $60 discount on each round of the FASTer Way they complete after their initial round.

In addition, allowing clients to become affiliates is a great way to keep them loyal. That way, not only will they stick with your business, but they can earn some extra money for referring friends and family.

I will continue to listen to clients about how to improve the FASTer Way to Fat Loss and pass on each round of improvements. Be sure to keep me posted on what you are hearing from clients so we can consider their needs as we make adjustments.

Offering to let clients become affiliates for your program is another great way to create loyal customers. That way, not only can they stick with your business, but they can also make a little money for referring friends and family. We’ll be going into affiliate marketing more next week.

You could also consider sending small gifts. Sometimes a small Starbucks or Target card goes a long way. I've also given prizes of Toms or Nikes to clients who work the hardest or do the best job of participating in a bootcamp. It's all about how you can incentivize and motivate your clients!

Here are some systems and processes that you can set up for your affiliate programs to make things easier on yourself:

  • Take the time to write out a process for how you’ll stay in touch with your affiliates. This could be via email, Facebook group, text message, or any method that works best for you. Decide how often you’ll contact them. (Daily? Weekly? Mondays and Thursdays?) Having good communication is essential to having a great affiliate plan.
  • Create a template for the Facebook group or page you use for your affiliates. Keep track of everything you post in the group (a Google Doc works great) so you can reuse it when your next bootcamp or program comes around. No need to reinvent the wheel!
  • Create templates for the emails you send, too. You should have a template for a welcome email that welcomes them to the affiliate program and covers FAQs like how they’ll get paid. As more questions get asked, you can add to the FAQ section. (You may consider keeping the FAQs as a separate document or PDF.)
  • Write out a calendar with marketing tips, important dates, and deadlines. Share this calendar with your affiliates so they know what and when they should be promoting. For example, you might tell them to post a “final call” a day or two before your program starts. Help them plan out their marketing so they’re more successful and you make more money. Then, keep that calendar for the next round, and simply change the dates.